Dimpled Sheets and Discs

According to the frequent enquiries received from Guarniflon customers, we extended the length availabilities of the molded tubes between 360 and 1200 mm.
We had the pleasure to welcome on June 15th, 2020 Mr. Matteo Salvini at our HeadQuarter located in Castelli Calepio.
Guarniflon India has been growing up in the years up to its actual size and PTFE production capability, approx. 1500 tons/year.
Well known PATILUX film from PATI has been chosen, among an international selection of products, for a strategic Chinese project focused to move the agriculture production closer to large urban centers in different areas in China.
The well known GCS family of products from Guarniflon is explained and introduced in the following clip.
ETFE films from Pati are well known in the markets, extruded up to 2000 mm. width and from 15 to 250 micron thickness, able to match a wide range of technical requirements and applications.
We have the pleasure to inform that following Guarniflon grades:
Guarniflon well known extruded films project keeps on developping since the acquisition of the leading Company PATI in Italy.
Guarniflon has been among the sponsors of an event in favour of the Project related to cardiopathy of Brescia Hospital.
After more than 12 years Guarniflon project was launched in India, warm hospitality and relationship still can surprise anytime we have some time to spend there.


Monday, 17 June 2024 06:37

The importance of floropolymers in the H2 supply chain

We recently came across an article from Chemours® focusing the concept “Without fluoropolymers, clean hydrogen doesn’t exist.”

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Friday, 31 May 2024 08:02

ASC has renewed its logo

ASC – Advanced Screening Centers – is the successful project started years ago by Mr. Giuseppe Mazza (Guarniflon founder) and his partners to offer a real solution to cancer prevention.

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