• Tekslide
    Beside the wide range of the existing PTFE products, IPM developed the TEKSLIDE products, PTFE compounded grades used in the processing of tapes, bearing tapes and machined parts retaining the usual and well known conventional PTFE advantages improved at the same time by some enhanced properties:

    • low coefficient of friction
    • high resistance and hardness
    • low cold flow
    • extreme temperature applications
    • very high pressure resistance
  • Teksealing
    Special rings for all hydraulic applications where the PTFE compounds are able to grant high wear resistance, low friction even without lubrication, perfect sealing at low, medium and high pressures.
    Not only virgin PTFE, but mainly compounds with bronze, carbon glass fiber.
  • Bearing tapes

    For the heaviest applications in the hydraulic field, motion control and mechanical field, IPM developed a new family of products, made by special PTFE compounds and devoted technologies, in order to fulfil IPM customers requirements.

    Compounded PTFE materials with bronze, carbon, graphite or other fillers are designed to enhance properties such as:
    - wear resistance
    - coefficient of friction
    - compression strength

  • Tubes and rods
    An extensive range of sizes are available to satisfy customers’ requirements for both moulded and extruded products. In addition to virgin PTFE tubes and rods, standard or special compound products are also available.

    According to customers’ needs, IPM can suggest the most suitable solutions concerning available technologies, materials and dimensions.

    In order to grant a fast and efficient service to its customers, IPM stocks a wide range of moulded and extruded tubes and rods, in virgin PTFE as well as compounded.

  • Skived tapes

    If you need to skive very thin thickness and/or special compound, only the most updated technologies, the most selected raw materials and a skilful know-how can grant excellent and stable quality.

    IPM have all of the above capabilities and presently able to offer very high quality products starting from the thickness of 0,025 mm. Some of IPM tapes applications are for the aerospace or electronics, a technological reference for quality and reliability.

    IPM tapes are available in virgin PTFE or filled by bronze, carbon, glass fiber and other special materials, able to cover a very wide range of different industrial applications.

IPM - A Long and Successful Story


Industrial Plastics & Machine Inc. was established in 1979. Based upon a commitment to quality, integrity and outstanding customer service, the company has grown to be a national supplier of stock and custom molded PTFE rod, tube, plate, sheets, gaskets and machined parts. These products are sold through a national network of distributors.

In march 2004, IPM was sold to the Italian PTFE manufacturing group GUARNIFLON S.p.A.

This investment made Guarniflon S.p.A. one of the largest worldwide manufacturers of PTFE semi-finished and machined components with more than 9 million pounds of PTFE materials processed every year and 55 countries served worldwide.

The product range includes:

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